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In this local talk, Ed McMahon, co-founder and former president of Scenic America, sets forth a compelling argument for the economic, psychological and social value of uniqueness. He explains that, in a global marketplace, well-educated workers, world-class infrastructure and the ability to turn ideas into commercial realities are all critically important to economic success–but the other critical, but often forgotten, element is “community distinctiveness.” “Communities that can’t differentiate themselves,” McMahon observes, “have no competitive advantage.”

Ron Littlepage Column, "Be Very Supicious of Billboard Proposal"
The Times-Union - August 09, 2013

"State withheld emails, denied meetings related to handover of trees to billboard company"
The Florida Times-Union - June 5, 2011

"State senator's bill would have loosened Florida's restrictions on billboard companies"
The Florida Times-Union - June 5, 2011


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