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Anna Brosche Champions Tree Bill in Coordination with Scenic Jacksonville

July 26, 2016.  Council Member Anna Brosche introduceD legislation championed by Scenic Jacksonville and Duval County School Board Chair Ashley Smith Juarez to utilize dormant tree trust funds to plant trees ar all Duval County public schools and to broaden ordinance trust fund language to mirror the Charter trust fund language to allow tree planting on any public property. Greenscape will be involved in management. The effort is part of the #jaxdigstrees celebration that began in November 2015 to honor the passage of the Tree Amendment fifteen years earlier. 

As the City Council Liaison to the Duval County School Board, Council Member Anna Brosche earlier met with the School Board Chair Ashley Smith Juarez, Scenic Jacksonville Board Member Rachel Cocciolo and SJ Counsel Bill Brinton to discuss the prospects of utilizing dormant tree trust fund monies to plant trees at all of the public schools in Duval County. This meeting in early April would be the first of many meetings that CM Broche would hold to develop the appropriate legislation to bring before the City Council.

It soon became apparent that with input from the Office of General Counsel, especially Susan Grandin, Greenscape representatives, Scenic Jacksonville representatives, and professionals at both the City and the DCSB, an idea could be shaped over four months into legislation to improve the environment and educate students and the community alike as part of the #Jaxdigstrees program. An idea that surfaced during public comments at a DCSB meeting on February 2, 2016 would soon be on its way to becoming a reality.


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