Board of Directors 

  • Bruce Andrews
  • Bill Bishop
  • Susan Caven, Immediate Past President
  • Rachel Cocciolo, VP-Membership
  • Doug Coleman
  • John Corse
  • Joan Cousar, Past President
  • Terry DeLoach
  • Jerry Friley
  • Alicia Grant, President, Treasurer
  • Lad Hawkins, 1st Vice President
  • Barbara Ketchum
  • Michael B. Kirwan
  • Tom Larson, VP-Community Outreach
  • Robert Meek
  • Celia Miller
  • Cathleen Murphy, VP-Communications
  • Courtney Williams, Secretary

Counsel:  William D. Brinton, Rogers Towers P.A.

Advisory Board

  • Warren Anderson
  • Sen. Audrey Gibson
  • W. Marc Hardesty
  • Preston Haskell
  • Linda Ingham
  • Helen Lane
  • Emily Lisska
  • Steve Matchett
  • Karen McCombs
  • Audrey Moran
  • Kristina G. Nelson
  • Leslie Pierpont
  • Nancy Powell
  • Todd Sack
  • Susie Scott
  • Karen Smith
  • Ashley Smith-Juarez
  • Bill Warner
  • Blair Woolverton

Scenic Jacksonville is an ally and supporter of Citizens for a Scenic Florida, Inc., a separate entity formed in 1998 to address statewide scenic issues and concerns. Scenic Jacksonville, Inc. is registered with the Fla. Div. of Consumer Affairs, Registration No. CH34566.


Scenic Jacksonville
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