Our Mission

To preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character and beauty of Jacksonville, Florida.

Who We Are

Scenic Jacksonville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-partisan, environmental organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character of Jacksonville. Studies show that promoting local beauty, while reducing visual clutter and urban blight, will help cut crime, boost the local economy, improve public health and increase tourism. Scenic Jacksonville serves as a watchdog, advocacy group with the goal of protecting and improving Jacksonville's natural and built environment and the city's distinctive character and beauty, with the ultimate goal of making it a more prosperous, successful city.

Scenic Jacksonville believes that when residents, non-profits and business owners work together to clean and beautify the city, this will attract new residents, draw tourism, and sustain our local economy. Therefore, we work with citizens and local organizations to enhance landscapes and streetscapes, safeguard historical and cultural resources, protect scenic approaches, and see that laws are passed and enforced to protect the aesthetic values.

Friends of Scenic Jacksonville care deeply about the quality of life in Jacksonville and support Scenic America’s Seven Principles for Scenic Conservation. We are an all-volunteer group of people working to preserve and enhance our city's scenic beauty. We continually work with concerned citizens to help reduce visual clutter in the city, and we believe that beauty is good for business.


Scenic Jacksonville, Inc combined two organizations which added historic amendments to the Jacksonville City Charter through the initiative and referendum process. Capsigns was formed in 1987, to control the proliferation of offsite billboards, and voters overwhelmingly passed a Charter Amendment to ban off-site commercial billboards and remove all billboards adjacent to city streets within five years. As a result of our efforts, well over 1000 billboards have been removed from city streets and highways. In 1991, Scenic Jacksonville received the Robert Rodale National Environmental Achievement Award for Beautification.

As Citizens for Tree Preservation, the organization led a successful citizens' initiative in 2000 to preserve Jacksonville's tree canopy to again amend the City Charter, establishing minimum standards for tree mitigation during development. The measure passed in all precincts with a landslide 75% voter approval.  The organization and the Petitioners Committee were presented with the 1000 Friends of Florida's state-wide Community Steward Award at its 2002 awards ceremony in the state capitol.  

Beginning in 2010, Scenic Jacksonville was engaged in litigation protecting the 1987 Charter Amendment and pursuing enforcement of past settlement agreements. New settlement agreements in those cases were concluded at the end of 2014. 

Scenic Jacksonville is an ally and supporter of Citizens for a Scenic Florida, Inc., a separate entity formed in 1998 to address statewide scenic issues and concerns. Scenic Jacksonville, Inc. is registered with the Fla. Div. of Consumer Affairs, Registration No. CH34566.